Nutritional Facts:


protein 6.9g

teaspoons sugar    24 

sugar 13.9g

amount carbohydrates 0.5g

sodium 11.5g

cholesterol 154g

acids fat trance 63g

acids fat saturations 42g

total the fats 10.5g

energy (calories)  496kCal

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  • protein (gram)      6.9

    teaspoons sugar    24 

    sugar (gram)     13.9

    amount carbohydrates (gram) made of content: 0.5

    sodium (mg)  11.5

    cholesterol (mg)  154

    acids fat trance (gram)  63

    acids fat saturations (gram)  42

    total the fats (gram) of them  10.5

    energy (calories)  6.9